The 101 Coolest Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that is written with the aim of persuading readers about a particular issue or topic. This is why good argumentative essay topics deal with current and controversial issues that affect society. These argument essay topics are usually drawn from political issues and media trending topics. Therefore, when looking for examples of arguments, many people turn to newspapers and media outlets.

Essays are a very key part of academics across all levels, from middle school and college essay topics, all the way to post-graduate studies. Argumentative essays are one of the most popular essays given as projects. This is because it enables your teacher to evaluate how good you are at presenting positions and logically defending and supporting such positions. No wonder an argument essay is also referred to as a critical thinking essay.

argumentative essay step by step

In getting topics for argumentative essay, one of two things happen; either you are assigned a topic by your professor or you are allowed to pick your own topic. If you are lucky enough to get to pick your own topic, here are some of the coolest argumentative essay topics you could write on and some tips on how to write them:

Social argumentative essay topics

  1. Should abortion be made legal or illegal? Measuring the pros and cons.
  2. Should indecent dressing and exposure ever be an excuse for the rapist?
  3. The effects of social media and globalization on national cultures, positive or negative?
  4. The call for diversity in workplaces; a cause of tension or a platform for togetherness?
  5. Should age be a deal breaker in a romantic relationship?
  6. Is a good LinkedIn profile really worth all the hype?
  7. Are the ills of Cigarettes enough reason to make them illegal?
  8. The need for private lives of citizens vs governmental need to ensure security.
  9. Has the death penalty really served its purpose of being a deterrent to criminals?
  10. Should compulsory military service be deemed a violation of rights?
  11. The ownership of guns; promotion of vice vs self-defense mechanism.
  12. Is romantic love enough reason to get into marriage?
  13. Physical punishment of a child; pros and cons.
  14. Social services vs Parental love: which is more important?
  15. Should psychologists and priests break confidentiality trust with clients on request by the police?
  16. The morality of a lie to prevent emotional hurt.
  17. Who makes the better parent: Males or Females?

Easy argumentative essay topics

  1. Who is meaner; the female or the male gender?
  2. Should education be made free for everybody?
  3. The issue of obesity among the generality of Americans: The cause and the cure.
  4. Free access to the internet in schools; a blessing or a curse?
  5. What is the simplest and easiest language to study and master?
  6. Is the grading system currently being employed fair on students?
  7. At what point should children be free of parental control?
  8. The educational system has gotten too commercialized for its own good.
  9. Students should only engage in the disciplines and field that they are interested in.
  10. Should children be allowed to own and handle mobile phones at a young age?

A tip to help you in writing

As you pick out your argument essay topics, the next thing is to get to writing, and here are some tips that will ensure that your essay is an excellent one:

Easy argumentative essay topics for every student

  1. Research your topic very well

This is exactly how to start an argumentative essay; look for what makes a good argument. In writing this type of essay it is pivotal that; before you jump into writing on your topic, you take some time to look for facts that support whatever you’re writing about. In researching, you should ensure that you use trusted and reliable sources when trying to get vital points that will compromise your arguments. The place of research cannot be overemphasized, whether you are writing on funny argumentative essay topics or a controversial one like a gun control argumentative essay.

Sport topics

  1. Is sport a means of keeping troubled teenagers out of trouble and vices?
  2. Is there a sport that is meant only for the rich and wealthy?
  3. What is the most dangerous sport to get involved in?
  4. Success at sports; talent and skill vs hard work; which is most important?
  5. Academics and sports; can a student excel at both simultaneously?
  6. Should cheerleading be categorized as a sport?
  7. The amount of money spent by colleges on sports, is it justified?
  8. Chess vs scrabble; which sport helps develop the brain best?
  9. Has sports seen as much racism as other industries?


Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. The United States merely aids other countries out of self-interest and preservation
  2. The current electoral process: fair or unfair?
  3. The effect of legalization of same-sex marriages; positive or negative?
  4. Communism vs Capitalism: which is the lesser evil?
  5. The morality of using animals as scientific research experiments.
  6.  Feminism: a genuine movement or a group of charlatans?
  7. Can the game of politics ever be played cleanly?
  8. Abraham Lincoln v. Barrack Obama: Who is the greater American hero?
  9. Which countries are the most corrupt ones in the world?
  10. The monarchical system vs Democracy: Weighing the pros and the cons.
  11. The best leaders; are they born or made?
  12. The exploration of space: The next big thing or a complete waste of money?
  13. Anti-terrorism wars are a major guise for the violation of human rights.
  14. Privacy is overrated and is not the most important of rights.
  15. Which is more pivotal to a war; strategic bombing or land occupation?
  16. Artificial intelligence vs human beings: Who is better for keeping the peace?

Take another tip

good argumentative essay topics you should know

  1. Brainstorm and have an outline

As you research and read up on your argumentative essay topic, arguments come to your head and they can be all jumbled. It is important at this point that you brainstorm and write down each idea as they come to you. There are several components of an argument, and it is good that you have jotted down and made an outline of how you want your arguments to flow. In fact, it can be safe to have your argumentative essay transition words all jotted down before you begin actual writing. Examples of argumentative essay transition words include: additionally, finally, accordingly, consequently, etc.


  1. The need for privacy vs spy applications on phones.
  2. Does increase in the use of technology lead to loss of tradition and cultural values?
  3. Are present day teenagers overly reliant on technology?
  4. Violent computer games can be blamed for mass shootings in schools.
  5. Does social media communication negatively affect real life communication?
  6. Should human cloning be embraced or shunned?
  7. Are loneliness and depression an offshoot of overreliance on technology and social media?
  8. Will the human race ever stop advancing in technology?
  9. Which is a better source of power; nuclear power or solar power?

Argumentative essay topics for college

  1. The current taxation system; fair or unfair?
  2. Are grades a sufficient measure of an individual’s intelligence and brilliance?
  3. Who suffer more; passive smokers or active smokers?
  4. Is the current voting age the best age for people to start voting?
  5.  What are the pros and cons of the current retirement age?
  6. Should America be involved in conflicts that do not serve national interest?
  7. The effect of cotton gin on the economy; positive or negative?


  1. Should students with learning difficulties be integrated or educated specially?
  2. The gap year should be made compulsory for all high school students going to college.
  3.  Public school vs Home schooling; the pros and cons
  4.  Which educational system functioned better: 20th century or 21st century?
  5.  The teacher or the parent: Who is more pivotal for a child’s growth?

Law and Ethics

  1. What should guide judges: interest of society or wordings of the law?
  2.  Should citizenship by birth be abolished?
  3.  Should the provisions of law reflect the morality of the people?
  4.  Should the procedure for obtaining a divorce be more stringent?
  5. Should sharing of files on the internet be banned?
  6. Can corruption be laid to rest in society or is it impossible?

Some more tips on how to write good argumentative essay topics

how to choose argumentative essay topics college

  1. Structure

Like every other kind of essay, there is the argumentative essay structure. The structure for your essay should be thus:

  • An introduction

Here, you want to write an interesting fact or quote that helps to show your position on an issue, and helps to capture the minds of your readers. Here is where you practice how to write a hook for an essay.

  • Body

The body of your essay should be divided into paragraphs explaining and detailing your positions on an issue and why you are sure that such position is correct. The number of paragraphs to be used, depends on the word limit and the number of arguments that you are raising.

  • Conclusion

This is the final part of your essay. Here, you restate your thesis and you can even give a call-to-action concerning your argumentative essay topic.

  1. Edit and proofread your work properly

Having looked at how to write an argumentative essay step by step, the final major tip is ensuring that you proofread and edit properly. Proofreading and editing goes beyond just checking for errors, it includes argument analysis and cross-checking facts and references. In fact, you should also compare your essay with other valid argument examples. In giving advice on how to write the best “argumentative essay topics college”, a professor stated that; “What distinguishes the best essays from the average ones is the level of accuracy in the essays”.


  1. Who is more likely to be infected with STD: homosexuals or heterosexuals?
  2. Public hospitals vs Self-treatment; pros and cons.
  3. Should health care be made free for all?
  4. Health care for prisoners: should they be entitled to equal rights with every other citizen?
  5. The impact of technological advancement on the health sector: blessing or a curse?
  6. Should mental illness be a basis for job discrimination?
  7. Which is better: public health system or private health system.
  8. Are human beings the only cause of global warming today?

High School

  1. Comparing the educational system in China with the United States: which is more efficient?
  2. Globalization and social media: curse or blessing?
  3. Single sex school vs Mixed school; pros and cons.
  4. The act of dieting: the blessings vs the curses.
  5. Can the effects of colonialism of third world countries be described as beneficial or harmful?
  6. Are there justifications for the occupation of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union after the Second World War?
  7. Is the European Union beneficial to Europe?
  8. Pornography should be criminalized: yes or no?
  9. Which is better: cartoon or movie?


  1. Socialism vs Capitalism: which is beneficial for the average society?
  2. Which is most profitable: protectionist or free trade?
  3. Buying of shares: mere speculation or wise investment?
  4. Were governmental policies responsible for ending the great depression or did they merely extend the nation’s economic woes?
  5. Should the rich pay more tax than others?


Choosing the right topic that will capture the attention of your professor is as important as the writing itself. Picking argumentative essay topics can however be difficult, but with the large volume of topics provided above, we have made the task easier. Whether you are picking a gun control argumentative essay or you are more of a space exploration person, ensure that you have researched well on your topic, and don’t forget to proofread after writing. Essays are a compulsory part of our educational and academic life, they can be difficult, but we hope we just made them several times easier for you.

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