Movie Review

What Aspects of a Movie to Cover in a Movie Review

It’s easy to write a movie review, right? You just explain what you think of it. Wrong! That’s the way you review a movie in a conversation with your friends. When the movie review is an academic assignment, however, it needs a very structured approach. How do you write a movie review that’s well-structured, but still conveys your point of view? These are the main aspects to cover:

  • Your opinion – It’s the most important element of a movie review. Everyone perceives the same movie differently. Your professor wants to know about your own point of view. However, this mustn’t be overly subjective. You must support your opinion with strong arguments and facts.
  • Compelling facts – Find some facts related to the story. They will add to the relevance and reliability of your review.
  • Comparison with a real event, another movie, or a book – What does this movie remind you of?
  • Background information – Write something about the director, the technology used for this movie, the actors, or the movie itself.
  • Analysis of the main elements: plot, tone, cinematography, acting, camera, set design, costume design, and music.
  • The message – What was the main idea of this movie? Why was it worth watching?

It’s a lot of info to include, so make sure to write an outline that will fit it all in a structured format.

We all love watching movies. As a matter of fact, many students procrastinate writing their papers because they watch movies or want to get some free time to hang out with friends. Knowing this, you’d think that the task of watching a movie and writing a review would be the favorite of every student in the world. 

Interestingly, this is not even close to the truth.  

Writing a review for a movie is not as fun as it sounds, especially since professors assign the movie you need to review. Since the goal of this assignment is to educate students, the genre of the movie is most often one student has no particular interest in. This makes both the watching and reviewing part time-consuming and frustrating.  

This is not all. Even if students are given the chance to pick the movie for a review, they still have to focus on the details and watch it several times to write the review. Instead of enjoying the movie, you end up paying attention to every detail and research in order to get a high grade for your paper. 

On top of it all, this is a very time-consuming task. You need to spend many hours watching the movie, only to continue spending time on research and writing. 

Reasons to Hire a Movie Review Writer

There are many reasons why students need help with their movie reviews. Some of these reasons include:

  • Not interested in the assigned movie or its genre 
  • Insufficient time to watch the movie several times 
  • Lack of time to perform the necessary research and write the review 
  • No experience in writing reviews of this kind 
  • Feeling insecure in your movie review writing skills 

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