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*Tip: How to Write a Title for Your Essay
Essay writing is certainly challenging. Do you know what the most difficult part is? It could be the choice of a title. Your professor only gives you a broad subject, which you have to narrow down to a specific topic. For example, if the subject is European history, you’ll have to pick one particular aspect of European history to focus on. Then, you’ll have to turn that topic into an attention-grabbing title. How do you do that? These tips will help:

  • Narrow down the broad subject – Do some research and pick the most interesting aspect of the issue.
  • Write the essay – That’s right; you can write the essay even if you don’t have a precise headline. Just a narrow topic is enough. Create your outline, write the essay, and then grasp its main point into a unique title.
  • Find the hook! – Read through the essay and note down few keywords that grasp its essence. Choose one or two of those keywords. Try to sum up your paper in less than three words – those are your keywords!
  • Think of the tone of your essay – If it’s fun and casual, the title should follow that pattern. If it’s highly serious, the title should catch that vibe.
  • Use those keywords and create the title around them.

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