Case Study

How to Choose a Case for Your Case Study

So you’re supposed to write a case study, but your professor didn’t give you a specific case to analyze? Have you to find or make up your own case? That’s a challenging task. How do you choose a specific case that allows you to write an impressive assignment?

  • Don’t make a random choice. The success of the entire assignment depends on the depth of the case you choose.
  • Choose the type of case you’ll work on. It may fall under one of the following categories:
    • Typical – a case that proves a common principle;
    • Diverse – an unusual case that doesn’t particularly follow common rules;
    • Extreme (deviant) – a highly unusual case that offers tons of space for analyzing the causes that led to it;
    • Influential – a case that made a huge difference in the way organizations or individuals act in similar situations.
  • Focus on information. Find few cases you could analyze and think: which one gives you the most interesting, relevant, and unusual information to analyze?
  • Talk to your professor. If you’re really struggling with the choice of a case, you can always ask your professor for some help. Tell them what options you have, and they will advise you on the best case to analyze.

Case studies are very popular in the educational system nowadays. Because of their interesting, yet simple structure, this paper is commonly assigned to students of all academic levels. By assigning this paper, a professor is able to assess the knowledge of a student, while helping them learn more about the subject.  

However, despite the fact that case studies are simpler in terms of research, this is one of the lengthiest papers when it comes to writing duration. A case study is always written within a certain amount of time, which requires a lot of dedication on behalf of the student. 

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Writing a Case Study

To help you understand our methods of writing a case study, we have created a short list of steps we follow in the process. Once you order your paper from us, we will make sure to assign the most experienced available writer, who will work in the following order: 


  • Make a list of questions that are to be answered in the case study 
  • Research data and eliminate irrelevant, unreliable sources 
  • Put all facts and notes together in an outline before the writing process 
  • Consider all gathered material and make sure to use everything related to the research 


  • Use the outline as a guide in the writing process 
  • Use formal and concise language only 
  • Demonstrate the ways the presented information is relevant to the research questions and the type of case study in question  
  • Use relevant and technical terms used for the specific type of a case study 
  • Write in assertive tone 
  • Follow the detailed requirements set by the customers’ professor 
  • Use the requested referencing style and cite every source used in the paper 

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