How to Make Your First Year in College Amazing

You can’t compare your high-school years with what’s about to follow. College life can be quite challenging – here, hard-work, persistence, and independence are crucial. But this is not all that college is about. College also means new opportunities, new friends, and new mindsets. They are all waiting for you.

essential college survival skills

Changing your environment completely will be frightening. Living in a dorm, sharing your space with another – possibly unknown – person will challenge you. Switching from a relatively small number of tasks to a huge pile of assignments might scare you. But on the other side of fear, great success will be waiting for you.

There are many ways in which you could make your freshman year bearable. Here are some of the best life advice we could find on how to survive freshman year.

  1. Don’t Sign Up for Morning Classes

Trust me, freshman year is not a good time to sign up for 8AMs. You will be partying all night and go to sleep no sooner than 2 AM. How do you expect to be fully present in class the next day at 8? To get the best results, schedule your days smartly. Choose classes that start only after 10 AM to stay fully engaged. Partying is not wrong as long as it doesn’t interfere with your school results.

  1. Distractions = Bad Grades

Making new friends offline means increasing your Facebook friends list, doesn’t it? “Facebook? How about Instagram or Twitter?” Right. College is an opportune time for making new connections and forming new relationships, but don’t let that stay in the way of your academic success. Scrolling down on Instagram instead of studying for your Stats exam is not the smartest choice.

Think about it: how much free time do you have in college? Maximize it by getting rid of distractions and thus, getting excellent outcomes. Turn off your phone while studying, put your headphones on, and forget about the outside world. Focus solely on your tasks. Finish promptly, and then have a blast! Staying efficient and productive is the key to graduating Magna Cum Laude.

  1. Get Rest

Another important aspect on our college survival skills list is getting enough rest. According to Web MD, sleep loss is the leading cause of most accidents. The effects it can have on your physical and mental health are worrying.

You should get enough rest to avoid dumbing yourself down, experimenting with severe health issues (such as heart diseases, strokes), or undergoing depressive moods.

It’s been proven that good sleep can boost up memory, improve productivity, maximize athletic performance, enhance your immune function, and better social interaction.

  1. Explore Your Surroundings

Studyingin the morning and drinking with your friends at night does not resemble a healthy lifestyle. You should also perform activities that engage the explorer in you! You could go hiking, swim in the ocean (if possible), or visit big cities; anything that gets you out of the house.

If your friends don’t feel like attending, go by yourself. Colleges organize many trips throughout the year. Sign up for some of them and discover the nearby sites! Learn how to survive freshman year by thinking outside the box!

  1. Get Involved in Extracurricular Activities

Number five on our college survival skillslist is joining clubs and making the best out of these years. In the end, you’ll graduate in a relatively short period of time – three or four years is not that long. “But college is my life!” some second-semester freshmen will say. “I can’t even imagine life after graduating.” We’ll get to that later, and possibly, in a different article.

In the meantime, focus on joining clubs that help you evolve. Consider cooking, community service, club sports, Major-related, or animal-support clubs. You could also join a sorority/fraternity if you feel like it.

  1. Set Ground Rules with Your Roommate

Setting ground rules with your roommate is an essential step and a life-saving college tip. They will certainly do some things that will drive you crazy, so setting the rules before the game starts is highly advisable.

Speak up and be clear about your wishes. Tell them why you choose to implement a particular rule and be self-confident when debating. If they try to influence you into dropping your principles, tell them, “college is my lifeand my life only. Stay out of it.” We must be prompt and straightforward if we want to succeed and be heard.

  1. Watch Out for the Freshman 15

Let be honest, how much free time do you have in college? Probably not too much. Thus, you should structure your schedule accordingly to make room for hitting the gym as well. Freshman 15 is real! Changing environments, stressing out about daily tasks, and studying for your challenging exams will soon show if you don’t take care of yourself.

Watch your diet; try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Avoid meat and exercise daily!

Wrapping Up

Keep your head up, mind strong, and keep going, even if sometimes everything seems impossible. Stay true to yourself and be positive. Take time to relax and hang out with your friends, but don’t forget to put in the hard work. Good luck, you got this!