Our order process is simple. Find a quick guide below!

1. Access the order form and submit your instructions

Provide contact info in the order form (phone number and email). We need this info to keep you updated on the progress of your order. The phone number and email inbox are the main channels of communication.

Provide the correct requirements for the paper (for example – dissertation paper) you need. The writer needs guidance to complete the paper you expect to receive. Pay attention to all parameters in the order form. Once the writer starts working on the order, any changes in these parameters may cause complications.

2. Proceed with the payment

We start counting towards the deadline from the moment you pay. The writer cannot start the research process before you submit the payment for your order. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee will keep your investment safe.

We might ask you to verify your identity. Don’t be alarmed if you get a message or call from our Billing Department, with the requirement to verify your identity or billing address. The reason for an identity verification request is to make sure that you’re the cardholder and you’re the one who placed and authorized the order.

3. Check the order confirmation message and save it

We’ll send an order confirmation message, where you’ll find the answers to your questions and find out how to contact your writer or customer support representatives. In addition, the message leads you to the option for uploading any necessary additional materials. Please save this message for future reference!

4. Start using your account to contact the writer/customer support representative

Communicate and check your email inbox for updates. You can contact your writer with any questions related to the order. Use the messaging system in your account to do that. The writer will respond through the same system.

Don’t worry if you see that a writer hasn’t been assigned yet. We guarantee to delegate your assignment to a writer who’s proficient in the relevant discipline and understands the topic well enough to complete the best paper.

If, for any reason, the requirements for your order have changed, RESUBMIT the order!

You can update the order info any time. However, if you decide to change the deadline, type of product, the level of service, or volume of pages needed, you might need to provide additional compensation in accordance with the workload imposed by the new instructions.

Don’t worry if the writer doesn’t respond immediately. We guarantee that you’ll get a response within 24 hours. If you order an urgent assignment, your writer will check the messages every 1-2 hours and you’ll get prompt responses.

5. Download your paper from the link we send in your email

Don’t forget to check your inbox when the deadline is approaching. We’ll send an email notification when your paper is ready for you to download it. You can do that by clicking the link that leads you to your account. There, you can download the document. If you face any issues during this step, you can use the option to get your paper sent to you as an attachment in an email message.

6. Complete and submit the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Read the paper and share your impressions! We’ll send an email message with a link to the survey. Don’t hold back and share your honest impressions and recommendations. If you need any revisions, you can ask for them during 14 calendar days after we submit the assignment. This service is free of charge if your requirements are in accordance with our policies.